Innovative CAN bus technology

  • ExAct Titan is a pioneering fire protection system solution that extends the use of a bus-based operations model to mobile military applications.
  • The system uses advanced, military-specific CAN (Controller Area Network) technology.
  • CAN bus technology ensures fast and reliable communication between system components.
  • As a result, the system is always up to date and capable of immediate response.
  • System components are connected in loop form. Even if the cable loop is hit by a fragment, the system will continue to operate.
  • The CAN bus-based design allows for easy changes or extensions of the system.

Modular system design

  • The system is modular in design, consisting of standardized, addressable components.
  • The same components can be used in different applications.
  • There are very few component types compared with conventional fire protection systems.
  • The components are programmed centrally through the control unit.
  • All system components are interconnected via a local bus.

Integrated system operation

  • Titan integrates with vehicle control systems (vehicle management systems, C4I etc.)
  • The fire protection system responds to changes in vehicle operation and adapts its operation accordingly.
  • The system operates differently e.g. when the vehicle is in motion or when the vehicle is parked and unoccupied.
  • ExAct Titan transmits information to vehicle systems, for example, regarding alarm status output and fault status output.

Total protection

The ExAct Titan fire protection system detects and suppresses all fires, whether slowly growing or instantaneous, small or large:

  • detects and extinguishes slow-growth fires in a couple of seconds.
  • detects and suppresses fuel tank explosions and armour penetrations in milliseconds.
  • ExAct Titan provides excellent protection against modern fire threats, such as IEDs.
  • Improved fire safety makes it possible for the crew to stay in the vehicle if a fire occurs.

Multilevel reliability

  • Reliable system operation is based on several factors, including:
    • fast and secure local bus communication
    • intelligent component design, and
    • advanced built-in self-testing and self-diagnostics.
  • High false alarm immunity – ExAct Titan employs several methods to eliminate the possibility of false alarms:
  • situational awareness and adaptability
  • coincidence detection (flame detectors operating in coincidence mode)
  • Low maintenance requirement