Alarm unit

The ExAct Titan Alarm Unit is a four-in-one device providing the crew with the necessary alarm and emergency functions.

Key features

  • Alarm beacon – visual alarm indication
  • Sounder – audible alarm indication
  • Manual release button – allows the crew to discharge the fire extinguishing system
  • Emergency lighting – helps the crew to find the way out in emergency situations

Extinguishing cylinder

The ExAct Titan Extinguishing Cylinder provides fast and reliable suppression of fires.

Key features

  • Fast and efficient operation
  • An explosive fire in the crew compartment is suppressed in less than 120ms
  • Discharge time can be extended to 20s or more to maintain the agent concentration, thus preventing re-ignition.
  • Suitable for various types of extinguishing agents
  • Possible to use different extinguishing agents in different compartments
  • Continuous monitoring of the extinguishing cylinder status enabling preventive maintenance

Flame detector

The ultra-fast, intelligent ExAct Titan Flame Detector detects both flaming fires and explosions.

Key features

  • High sensitivity – detects slow-growing, flaming fires in a few seconds
  • Ultra-fast response – detects explosive fires and armour penetrations in less than 3ms
  • Efficiency – detects all burning substances, organic and inorganic
  • False alarm immune – detection based on information received from several detectors, excluding the influence of a single interference source
  • Built-in self-test (optical path)
  • Compact size and easy installation

Control unit

Being the brain of the Exact Titan Fire Protection System, the Control Unit monitors and controls the overall performance of the system.

Key features

  • Reliable and redundant system functioning and monitoring
  • Built-in UPS ensures power supply during short-term power failures
  • Event log: all actions are recorded in a log
  • Provides valuable information for service personnel
  • USB port and MMC/SD slot for system configurations, updates and servicing
  • Advanced military-specific CAN bus technology

User interface unit

The ExAct Titan User Interface Unit informs the user of system status and provides a means to control system operation.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use multilingual, graphical user interface
  • Information displayed in the form of symbols and text
  • Context-sensitive operation: provides situation-specific information and options
  • Automatic dimming of display and buttons during night operations
  • Dashboard-mountable design
  • Handy tool for system maintenance

Line heat detector

The uniquely designed ExAct Titan Line Heat Detector senses abnormally high temperature rises caused by fires.

Key features

  • Alarm temperature can be individually pre-set
  • Fast and reliable detection of fires
  • Excellent detection area coverage
  • Built-in self-test
  • Result: the earliest possible detection of all engine compartment fires