Excellent protection

  • Fast and efficient operation: ultra-fast detection and suppression
  • Excellent performance characteristics (See Performance for more details)
  • System reliability: reliable operation, high false alarm immunity
  • Providing the correct level of protection according to vehicle role and tasks (see Applications for more details)
  • The system always operates rapidly, safely and reliably - to the benefit of the user, property and the environment

Small number of different components

  • The ExAct Titan fire protection system consists of standardized, programmable components.
  • The same components can be used in different applications.
  • The components are set up centrally through the control unit to meet the requirements of the specific application.
  • The components can be upgraded and reused if requirements change.
  • Fewer components minimize the need for spare parts and training.


  • The ExAct Titan Fire protection system provides an inexpensive way to increase the safety of the crew and the vehicle.
  • Components feature superior MTBF and MTTR figures (mean time between failures, mean time to repair)
  • Advanced self-testing and self-diagnostics minimize the need for periodic maintenance.
  • Low configuration management costs due to small number of components
  • Short service downtime: quick replacement of plug-and-play components
  • Long system service life
  • Commonality of components and procedures across systems and applications


  • ExAct Titan fire protection system can be customized for a variety of different applications, including armoured fighting vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, logistics vehicles etc.
  • The system protects 1 to 4 separate compartments in one vehicle.
  • In addition to one control unit, each system may contain up to 99 other components.
  • System components can be combined in numerous ways to create the desired configuration.
  • System configuration can be modified as requirements change over time. The system can be upgraded, expanded, reduced, and even transferred to another vehicle.
  • The same ExAct Titan components can be used to protect new vehicles, upgrades and modernizations.

Ease of use

  • The system operation is fully automated. ExAct Titan automatically adapts its operation to changing conditions.
  • The system requires minimal user intervention: the driver and the crew need not pay any attention to the system under normal circumstances.
  • When attention is required, the system will alert the operator with an audible signal and a message on the user interface unit.
  • The easy-to-use user interface unit responds to user activity and presents context-sensitive options.
  • Critical information will be displayed on the user interface unit and communicated to the vehicle control system.
  • The system is safe and easy to use and requires minimal servicing.